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We interviewed people in Baker’s Front Room to get their opinions on the sexualization of vampires in today’s pop culture.


How many vampire movies, books or television shows can you name in which the vampire was unattractive? Think of the average vampire: When you think vampire, it’s more-than-likely that you do not think of a hideous monster, but of something more along the lines of an Edward Cullen or Dracula in his suit with well-done hair.

If the exterior were to match the interior, the vampire should be a hideous monster. Vampires kill,survive on blood and are dead. They should look like rotten corpses. However, our culture has taken something that, in theory, should be horrifying and made something to be desired. Vampires are appealing to our culture despite their blood-sucking nature because of their portrayals in the media as oversexualized, attractive beings.

This website explores four facets of the sexualized vampire:

Inherent Sexual Qualities and Classical Representations
Contributed by Cassie Whitt

In Modern, Young Adult Culture
Contributed by Carolyn Menyes

Through Gender and Sexual Preference
Contributed by Colin King

Across Cultures
Contributed by Brigitte Smith